3/19/22 CD Cutters March Challenger

March 19, 2022 - March 20, 2022
Broken Bow, NE


Deb Watts
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This is a CHALLENGER show. Earnings DO count toward Circuit Standings. Earnings DO count toward horse and rider lifetime earnings. Earnings do NOT count toward World Standings.

Saddle Series in conjunction with the Miller Cutting Horses shows. Must show at a minimum of two Miller Cutting Horses and two CD Cutters produced shows to be eligible.

Class Order

March 19, 2022
  1. Open
  2. NP
  3. 50K Am
  4. 25K Novice Horse
  5. 25K Novice NP
  6. Youth
  7. 2K LR
  8. Derby Open
  9. Derby NP
  10. Unlimited Am
  11. 35K NP
  12. 5K Novice Horse
  13. 5K Novice Horse NP
  14. 15K Am
  15. 1K Novice Horse

Custer County Fairgrounds
44100 Memorial Drive


Historic Arrow & East Hotels
509 South 9th Avenue

Boarders Inn & Suites
215 South E Street

Cobblestone Hotel & Suites
2750 South 27th Street

Pump & Pantry Motel
1037 East South East Street


Broken Bow Legends Grill
845 South D Street

The Bonfire Grill & Pub
509 South 9th Avenue

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